Supporting the rise of tomorrow‘s world

  • Swiss alternative investment company, focused on long-term infrastructure projects in emerging markets
  • Offering local investment opportunities with disciplined asset management, optimal capital structuring and equity-debt allocation
  • Relying on its strong network of partners to secured projects with exceptional return on equity and « implied » AAA debtor protection
  • Contributing to the modernization of emerging markets and setting up a new standard of efficiency in the impact investment scene

Investment benefits at a glance

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Investment highlights

Transforming Emerging Markets with Sustainable Infrastructure and Strategic Partnerships

At the heart of our mission is to contribute to the modernisation of emerging markets. 

We are setting a new standard for efficiency in the impact investing scene, driving positive change and creating sustainable impact.

Our commitment is to boost the sustainable infrastructure crucially needed in emerging markets, particularly in the dynamic landscapes of Africa and Latin America, by focusing on the energy, waste treatment, clean industry sectors.

We rely on a solid network of partners to secure projects with exceptional returns. 

We gather strong supports from multinational companies, enabling access to key markets for our local projects.

We systematically look for implied AAA investment protection.

From inception to completion, we are actively involved in the management of local projects and ensure constant operational and financial control.

Our reach to global partners enables local projects to access to international markets.

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Cyril Kluxen who is the Managing Director at PARKACTIVE
CYRIL CLUXENCEO, Head of Finance | +41 76 672 66 48