An Emerging Strategy

Pioneering Eco-Industrial Parks for the 21st Century

PARKACTIVE is an Eco-Industrial Park, promoting sustainable agri-business and industry. It generates renewable energy and waste treatment facilities for its tenant companies and neighbouring population.

In response to the pressing need for sustainable infrastructure in emerging countries, PARKACTIVE introduces a groundbreaking concept tailored to promote sustainability and efficiency. Our Eco-Industrial Parks (EIP) are meticulously designed to address the challenges of the 21st century, emphasising sustainability, carbon negativity, economic development, foreign direct investment compatibility, and symbiotic relationships.

Apart from park management, PARKACTIVE is actively operating units: Power, Forestry, Plastics, Farming and Processing. It provides the necessary infrastructure for tenant companies to achieve net-zero operations without additional investment in power generation and waste treatment. Our business model is based on the circular economy, converting the by-products into co-products.

PARKACTIVE’s EIP model offers specific solutions to meet the demands of modern business landscapes:


Empowering the private sector with feedstock independence.

Operative Infrastructure

Efficiently managing power and waste treatment for a self-sustaining ecosystem.


Reducing capital expenditure for tenant companies through a collaborative framework.


Establishing profit centers and generating cash flow for investors.


Embracing a circular business model with side-streaming practices.

A New Kind of Eco-Industrial Park

Our comprehensive Eco-Industrial Park encompasses diverse departments, each contributing to the holistic vision:

Business Park

Fostering a collaborative environment for sustainable business operations.


Promoting responsible and renewable resource management.


Harnessing energy through innovative and eco-friendly methods.


Pioneering the recycling of plastic waste, reducing environmental impact.


Cultivating agricultural practices that align with ecological harmony.


Streamlining operations for efficient and environmentally conscious outcomes.

At PARKACTIVE, we envision a future where Eco-Industrial Parks play a pivotal role in fostering sustainable, thriving, and interconnected communities. Join us on this transformative journey toward a greener and economically vibrant tomorrow.

6 Forces integrated in one Project

For an industrial park in emerging countries, the availability of power is crucial. Hence, PARKACTIVE generates its own electricity from renewable sources such as wood, solar, organic and plastic wastes. In addition, tenant companies can rely on a constant supply of energy and can dedicate capex to their core activity.

Project Location in USA

Renewable wood biomass used to generate power is obtain by massive reforestation of trees and energy crops. This mix is adapted to local specificities and includes fruit trees. Residues from the planted trees and energy crops are turned into wood products, while the fruits generate income as fresh and processed products.

At PARKACTIVE, Farming is an extension of forestry. Orchards require regular pruning, producing tons of wood residues that we can turn into energy. Adapting to local specificities, the portfolio of farmed crops includes banana, passion fruit, avocado, lime, berries, vanilla, cardamon, rosemary and black pepper. Our farming activity include the development of cultivation in greenhouses. 

Processed Fruits, Concentrate, Puree, Fruit Puree, Fruit Juice, Fruit Concentrate, Juice, Arome, Essence, Passionfruit

The Processing unit deals with the conversion of by-products into co-products, which is the core concept of PARKACTIVE. From waste or residues, we produce food, cosmetic and medical base products, as well as biogas, generating energy and fertiliser for our agricultural unit. Nothing is wasted. The purpose is, on the one hand, to generate energy and, on the other, to produce fertiliser for our agricultural unit as well as processing a part of the fruits we cultivate.

Our park is tailored for companies willing to operate in a sustainable and efficient way. We provide renewable energy and recycling facilities for organic and plastic wastes. 
For tenant companies, we offer the possibility of renting warehouses, factory space and offices in order to save costs and benefit from the machines and technology available. Furthermore, services such as marketing, logistics, testing labs etc. can be provided. 

PARKACTIVE allows the development of infrastructure in a modern sustainable way. For people, new opportunities are generated by PARKACTIVE: Access to jobs, electricity, education, housing, health and financial inclusion. Values are created and the regional economic development is enabled.

Zero Waste Principal


Solar Power from PARKACTIVE


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Processed Fruits, Concentrate, Puree, Fruit Puree, Fruit Juice, Fruit Concentrate, Juice, Arome, Essence, Passionfruit


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