Welcome to Parkactive Plastics

We are the plastic recycling branch of the Parkactive Group

We treat 100% of plastic waste
We combine plastic recycling techniques with energy production
We create integrated recycling systems
We select the best technology worldwide
We team-up locally with key stakeholders
We involve authorities and local communities
We set up recycling operations
We coordinate and operate all steps of the recycling process
We produce recycled material to customers’ needs
We trade outputs

At Parkactive Plastics, we specialize in three key areas of plastic recycling: mechanical recycling, chemical recycling, and waste-to-energy solutions. Through these approaches we aim to maximise the value of plastic waste while minimizing its environmental impact. 

Plastic Waste in the Loop…

… using self-sufficient solutions

Parkactive Plastics operates through three distinct units, each contributing to our mission of sustainable plastic recycling:

Mechanical Recycling (MR)

Utilising ground-breaking cleaning technologies, we can purify surfaces at an impressive rate of 10m2 per second. Our recycled plastic meets food-grade quality standards (almost as good as new) and offers a safe and reliable solution for various applications. 

Chemical Recycling (CR)

Recognising that not all plastic materials can be 100% recycled, we employ chemical recycling techniques to ensure zero waste management. Through CR, we transform plastics into valuable resources and enable secure and efficient resource reuse. This approach not only increases recyclability, but also prevents environmental pollution, prioritising highest waste management standards for a wide range of materials. 

Waste-To-Energy (WTE) 

Our Waste-To-Energy Solutions disrupt waste streams to generate power. By combining WTE with our MR and CR processes, we maximise the value extracted from waste, leading to cost efficiency and sustainable resource management. 

Through these three units, Parkactive Plastics is at the forefront of innovative recycling technologies. We are committed to reduce plastic waste, promoting a circular economy, and creating a sustainable future for the plastic recycling industry.

Maximizing the Value of Waste: 

At Parkactive Plastics, we have implemented a unique Hub and Spoke Model to
optimise our operations and enhance the efficiency of our recycling processes. 

Hub and Spoke

Connecting End-Users and Operating Systems

Implementing Multiple Sites (Spokes): We will establish several Spokes, strategically located to efficiently collect and process plastic waste. At the Clean Spokes we utilise advances pre-washing technology to remove dirt and contaminants from plastic waste. By keeping the dirt in the world of waste and converting the waste into valuable feedstock, we ensure a cleaner and more efficient recycling process. 

Centralising Certain Actions (Hubs): Our Pure Hubs serve as centralised facilities specialised in the purification of polymers to superior standards. These Hubs are equipped with advanced purifications technologies enabling us to generate resin that is of high quality, closely resembling virgin materials. By centralising these crucial actions, we ensure consistent and reliable production of purified polymers for various applications. 

The Hub and Spoke Business Model at Parkactive Plastics allows us to optimise our recycling operations by strategically distributing collection points while centralising critical and cost intensive processes. This approach enhances our ability to provide high-quality recycled products, reduce waste and promote sustainable resource utilisation. 


Our Mission

Mastering the Plastic Recycling Industry


Improving waste management by keeping plastics out of landfills and preventing spills into our oceans.


Transform linear economy to close the plastic loop. 


Through the generation of own power, MRs can be operated autonomously, non-recyclable plastics can be used wisely.


Increase the availability of recycled, virgin-quality recycled material suitable for food-grade products.


Build a network of hubs and spokes around the world to save, secure and use resources.


Promoting the local economy through the construction of new facilities and the creation of jobs.

Our commitment extends beyond our operations.

We firmly believe in fostering strong partnerships with all stakeholders, including our employees, customers, suppliers, and the community. By working together, we create a sustainable future for the plastic recycling industry and contribute to a cleaner, greener planet.

We take pride in providing cost-effective and high quality products that meet the needs of our customers while aligning with our sustainability goals. With Parkactive Plastics, you can trust that your plastic waste will be handled responsibly, promoting a circular economy and a healthier environment for generations to come. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a more sustainable future. Together, we can make a significant difference in shaping a world where plastic waste is no longer a problem but a valuable resource. 

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Colombia | Costa Rica | Panama | Ecuador

Our plastic waste recycling unit, will be first implemented
in a coherent micro-region around Colombia, spreading
from Costa Rica and Panama to Ecuador.

Colombia | Costa Rica | Panama | Ecuador

Our plastic waste recycling unit, will be first implemented in a coherent micro-region around Colombia, spreading from Costa Rica and Panama to Ecuador.